An Out of Town Tour by car or bus
Duration: 7-10 h
List of sights:
  • Ruins of the castle of Livonian order in Cēsis
  • New castle of Cēsis
  • Old town of Cēsis

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Cēsis – is one of the oldest cities in Baltics attracting with its unique ambience of a provincial town.

Cēsis was a major trade and artisan centre in Middle Ages, it was a member of the Hanseatic league and during a short period of time was serving as a residence for Masters of Livonian order. However, the decline of Livonia led that the town lost its former power. The only few evidences resemble it today: the medieval layout of streets of the old town, massive walls of the St. John Church, which is one of the oldest churches in Baltics, and ruins of the medieval castle, which was one of the most powerful castles in Livonia.

Today, Cēsis is a cozy town with a specific romantic aura, quite un-crowded, with a light touch of provincialism, which does not spoil it, but gives it the certain picturesqueness instead. It seems like time has stopped in Cēsis. The ancient narrow streets, quiet courtyards, two-storey dwellings with red tiled roofs convey a state of calm and peacefulness that is unusual for northern cities. The houses in the old town are still heated by firewood, and there is nobody in a street in evenings, only lonely lights illuminate streets and squares of the town.

During the tour you will take a walk along the streets of the old town of Cēsis, and visit the castle complex of Cēsis. The medieval castle of Cēsis has been the main dominant and symbol of the Cēsis for many centuries, its thick walls can tell you a lot about inhabitants of the castle, about their way of life and mores of the past. At the end of the tour you can admire the views of surroundings from the castle tower.

In addition to the tour, you can visit another one romantic place – Ungurmuiža Manor. This is one of the few wooden estates of the 18th century that has been preserved in Latvia. The fragment of a unique wall painting could be seen in the estate. There is also a restaurant serving local seasonal products prepared according to a hundred-year-old recipe.

The tour can be also supplemented by visiting the town of Līgatne, where the former secret bunker of the soviet government of Latvia is located. Few years ago the secrecy grading has been removed from this object, and now everybody is welcome to visit it. The visiting is like a traveling back in time – at the time when lacquered furniture is very popular, computers and television do not spread everywhere, but music could be listen from the vinyl player.

Detailed descriptions of these and other tourist attractions in Cēsis could be found below.