An Out of Town Tour by car or bus
Duration: 3-7 h
List of sights:
  • Historical architecture of Jūrmala
  • Concert Hall "Dzintari"
  • Jomas street

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Jūrmala is one of the oldest seaside resorts in Europe. Jūrmala is famous by its wide sandy beaches, fresh air, mineral springs and muds, unique wooden architecture.

The first bathing areas have already appeared here at the end of 18th century, and vacationers began to come here. During the 19th century the resort has been developing – new Kurhauses and pensions were opened here, as well as many private summer houses were built. Even greater prosperity began after the opening of the railway line. People were coming and continue to come to Jūrmala to improve their health, unwind, relax from the city's bustle, take a walk and breathe the fresh sea air.

Jūrmala is located in 20 min of drive from the centre of Riga. The city is located on the southern shore of the Gulf of Riga, which is a bay of the Baltic Sea. Jūrmala has stretched 33 km along the coast. The resort town of Jūrmala was formed by merging several dozens of former fishing villages and bathing areas, the most famous of them are – Bulduri, Dzintari, Majori and Dubulti. They form a historical centre of the resort.

Jūrmala has always attracted creative people, and today celebrities have an interest in Jūrmala. They still choose Jūrmala as a place to spend their summer holidays, improve the health or seek inspiration.

The historical heritage of Jūrmala is not only its wooden architecture – summer houses adorned with decorative turrets and glass verandas – it is also rich resort traditions. There are many mineral springs and mud deposits in the vicinity of Jūrmala, but first mud curing facilities were opened here in the middle of the 19th century. Nowadays many sanatoria and SPA centres in Jūrmala are the successor of the traditions of spa treatment.

During the tour in the historical centre of Jūrmala you will get acquainted with the variety of Jūrmala wooden architecture, learn how vacationers spent their time on the resort in the past and how they relax today. You will promenade along the main street of the resort – Jomas, and see the famous concert hall “Dzintari”, where various concerts and festivals take place daily during the summer. Of course, you will also stroll along the wide Jūrmala beach.

In addition to this tour, you can visit the historical centre of the Ķemeri resort town, where you will see the famous “White Ship” sanatorium and take a walk along the Great Ķemeri bog, where a boardwalk and observation tower were built. A stunning view of the marsh itself and many small lakes can be seen from the observation tower. For sure you will like this unforgettable landscape. The Great Ķemeri bog is beautiful at any time of the year.

Detailed descriptions of these and other tourist attractions in Jūrmala could be found below.