An Out of Town Tour by car or bus
Duration: 10 h
List of sights:
  • Jaunmoku Castle
  • Sabile
  • Abavas Rumba Waterfall
  • Historical architecture of Kuldīga
  • Ventas Rumba Waterfall

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Kuldīga is a small town in the heart of Kurzeme. Once Kuldīga was a capital of the former Duchy of Courland. The town is famous by the widest waterfall in Europe, which attracts many Latvians and tourists from other countries. The waterfall Ventas Rumba is especially popular in the beginning of May, when everyone could observe a “flying fish” – the vimba in its migration to spawning.

Besides the waterfall Kuldīga is also interesting for its old town, where many ancient buildings have been preserved, some of them can be traced back to the 17th century. Making a promenade along the main pedestrian street of Kuldīga you can mentally move into the past. It is difficult to imagine now that all these buildings would have fallen as a victim to the upgrade of the city’s transport system, if such plans weren’t stopped at the end of 1940s. And today, the original buildings and environment inspire many film directors to shoot scenes of their films here.

Another one interesting feature of the city is the tiny river Alekšupīte, which flows through the historical centre of Kuldīga. Since ancient times townsmen have built their dwellings “at the water's edge”, and nowadays we can be proud of “Courland Venice”.

During the tour you will visit the old town of Kuldīga, see waterfalls of Kuldīga and walk along one of the longest brick bridges in Europe.

In addition to this tour, on our way to Kuldīga we will make a small stop in the “capital of winemaking” of Latvia – Sabile, where you can get acquainted with the history of local wine, and of course taste modern analogues.

The tour can be also supplemented by visiting the romantic Jaunmoku Castle, which is considered one of the masterpieces of Latvian architecture. The castle was designed as the hunting lodge and was built at the beginning of the 20th century. Its neo-gothic forms in combination with Art Nouveau elements still amaze the visitors.

Detailed descriptions of these and other tourist attractions in Kuldīga could be found below.