An Out of Town Tour by car or bus
Duration: 6 h
List of sights:
  • Bakery “Zelmas maiznīca”
  • Waterfall Lielvārdes Rumbiņa
  • Lielvārde Castle
  • Boulder “Lāčplēsis’s Bed”
  • Anrejs Pumpurs Museum of Lielvārde

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At first glance Lielvārde is an ordinary unremarkable tiny town. However the history of this place goes back more than eight centuries. If practically nothing has been remained from the material monuments-witnesses of this history, then the intangible heritage is honoured and cherished here. As the example of this can be mentioned numerous symbols and signs that are used in folk ornaments and that can be seen here everywhere, or the fact that the Latvian national epic “Lačplēsis” was created in Lielvārde as well.

One of the national symbols of Latvia, the secrets of which can be learned in Lielvārde, is Latvian rye bread. Latvian rye bread along with other truly Latvian “goodies” was one of the first, which was included into the list of unique products of EU, and has been deemed a “Traditional Speciality Guaranteed” by the European Commission, in 2014. It forbidden to bake it in other countries than Latvia, thus this protects it from fakes. Rye bread has been baked in Latvia since ancient times, however, nobody can tell, when the recipe for this bread appeared for the first time.

Other national symbols of Latvia that are connected to Lielvārde are the Belts of Lielvārde. At first glance, this belt is just one of the elements of the national costume, but traditions of its weaving are passed down from generation to generation. The Belts of Lielvārde has a braided red and white ornament, where about 50 different scenes could be found, but the length of the belt could be up to 3 metres long. There is a legend that this is not just an ornament on the belt, but it is the coded message from the distant ancestors. Howbeit one of the most complex ornaments in the world was woven on the Belts of Lielvārde.

During the tour you will visit locals, who will share the secrets of baking the real Latvian rye bread with you. Everyone can bake his/her own bread, which will take away. While the bread is being baked, you will go for a short Lielvārde sightseeing tour and visit to the museum, where you will learn about the history, application and process of creating the Belts of Lielvārde.

In addition to the tour, you will be able to taste various products from local producers. You can not only try, but also buy both fermented milk products and local wines and ciders that are made of fruits and berries.

The tour can be also supplemented with a visit to the Open-Air Ethnographic Museum in Riga, which consists of various examples of folk architecture that were moved here from all over Latvia.

Detailed descriptions of these and other tourist attractions in Lielvārde could be found below.