Main reasons to plan your next trip to Latvia... 

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  • Fascinating Sunsets

    Fascinating Sunsets

    Latvia is the place where you can find time for yourself!
  • Beautiful Nature

    Beautiful Nature

    Latvia is very green country. Because of small amount of heavy industry in country our waters, ground and air are clean and always fresh!
  • Picturesque Landscapes

    Picturesque Landscapes

    Latvia is the true place for painters and photographers!
  • Long White-Sand Beatches

    Long White-Sand Beatches

    Latvia has around 500 km long seaside.
  • Unusualness


    There are a lot of things that can break your stereotype and let you start thinking differently.
  • Active Recreation

    Active Recreation

    There are many possibilities for active, healthy and safe rest.
  • Developed Infrastructure

    Developed Infrastructure

    Latvia doesn't suffer of tourism boom, but it still has all necessary in order you gain new experiences and emotions.
  • Seasonality


    There are several seasons in Latvia and each of them has its own charm and beauty.
  • Rich Heritage

    Rich Heritage

    There is a number of worldwide famous sights and places. Cultural traditions, interesting history, national cuisine - all these things are alive and could be "touched" even nowadays.
  • Romantic Environment

    Romantic Environment

    The place where everybody can make a dream come true.
  • Close to Nature

    Close to Nature

    The nature is the main wealth of Latvians. We are living in harmony with it, support green-thinking and are grateful for natural gifts.
  • Land of Craftsmen

    Land of Craftsmen

    There are many offers to recall forgotten crafts, and a gift made by your own is not a bauble, but rather a real masterpiece and a lot of pleasure of creating something by hands.