There are several reasons below why you should choose Latvia as a place where to spend your next vacation.

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  • Safe


    There are no natural disasters in Latvia, the local flora and fauna do not pose a threat to human life and public services support an adequate level of security.
  • Attractive


    Latvia has a rich historical and culture heritage. Everyone could find something interesting here.
  • Inexpensive


    You can get high quality services of European-level for moderate prices here.
  • All Seasonal

    All Seasonal

    Latvia is located in the temperate climate zone, there is neither cold weather nor sweltering heat, and each season is beautiful in its own way.
  • Ecological


    Latvia is a green country, there are no heavy industry, hence our waters, soil and air are always clean.
  • Underpopulated


    The density of the population of Latvia is not large, so you can always enjoy peace and quiet.
  • Close


    You can easily and quickly reach Latvia by any kind of transport; it could be a plane, ferry or motor transport.
  • Delicious


    The national cuisine of Latvia is a part of the European cuisine. You can taste here both gourmet cuisine and traditional homemade dishes.
  • Fashionable


    More and more tourists visit Latvia every year. A trip to Latvia is gradually becoming a modern fashion trend.
  • Modern


    Latvia is a European country with a developed infrastructure, advanced technologies and modern quality standards.