During the walking tour you will see all major sights of Old Riga, listen to many legends and enjoy the unique ambience that reigns the streets of the old town.

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Old Riga

Excursion by foot
Duration: 2.5 h
Distance: 2.5 km (see the map)
List of sights:
  • Albert Square
  • Reformed Church
  • Merchant Reitern’s House
  • St.John’s Church
  • Convent Courtyard
  • St.Peter’s Church
  • Town Hall Square
  • House of Blackheads
  • Jauniela Str.
  • Riga Dome Cathedral
  • ”Three Brothers”
  • St.Jacob’s Church
  • Executioner’s House
  • Swedish Gate
  • Powder Tower
  • Great and Small Guilds
  • Livs’ Square

Old Riga is the heart of the city. This is where its story began, and all the main historical events took place here. Over the eight centuries of the city's existence, many rulers have changed, and each new government has left its own unique mark in city’s appearance. Today Old Riga is a kind of open-air museum, where everything breathes history and keeps its secrets.

We will start the excursion in the spot where modern Riga began to be built, and during the excursion we will go all the way of the formation and development of the city.

We will walk along narrow winding streets and come out to the wide, noisy squares of the old city. We will admire Riga's churches, public and residential buildings.

We will learn about the manners and customs of bygone times, and also talk about how the city lives today.

The Old Riga walking tour can be complemented by a visit to the Riga Dome Cathedral, which is one of the dominants of the old city and is famous for its stained glass windows, the only cross gallery in the Baltic States and organ. On certain days at 12:00 in the Riga Dome Cathedral, you can listen to the voice of the famous organ during a 20-minute concert, after which you can also see the interiors of the cathedral and the cross gallery.

  • Entrance ticket to the Riga Dome Cathedral – 3 €
  • Ticket to the 20-minute organ music concert at the Riga Dome Cathedral – 10 €

The Old Riga walking tour can be supplemented with a visit to the observation deck of St. Peter's Church, where a bird's-eye view of the old town and the city's environs opens up.

  • Entrance ticket to the observation deck of the tower of St. Peter's Church – 9 €