Sightseeing tour by car or bus
Duration: ~ 1,5 h
List of sights:
  • Central Station
  • Academy of Sciences
  • Red Warehouses quarter
  • Central Market
  • National Library
  • Victory park
  • Agenskalns Market
  • Kalnciema quarter
  • “Sun Stone” building
  • National Theatre
  • Bastion Hill
  • National Opera
  • Vermanes Garden
  • Academy of Art
  • Kronvalda park
  • Viestura park
  • “Silent centre”
  • Museum of Art
  • Nativity Orthodox Cathedral
  • Monument of Freedom
  • University of Latvia

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The development of Riga always has been kept in step with the times. The city has always been keeping up with current trends in architecture and urban planning, but at the same time it has been preserved the city’s integrity in the course of development. Nowadays the historical centre of Riga holds only 4,4 sq. km of area. It includes the medieval core – Old Riga, as well as former suburbs surrounding the medieval town that were laid out in the beginning of the 19th century. At the beginning the imposing wooden buildings in neoclassical style have been built here, but later when permanent stone buildings were allowed instead, the buildings in the Art Nouveau style appeared. In 1997 the historical centre of Riga has been inscripted into the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

This sightseeing tour is a great opportunity to know what else Riga is proud of besides the city’s ancient part – Old Riga. The city outside the old fortress walls looks quite different. Spacious boulevards have replaced narrow winding streets, low houses – respectable multi-storey apartment houses. This is New Riga – a new in spirit and implementation.

During the sightseeing tour you will get acquainted with a development of the Boulevard ring, see Art Nouveau style masterpieces, find out where Riga's Russian merchants built their houses, admire the panorama of the old town from the opposite bank of the Daugava River, appreciate Riga's success in preserving the "wooden" heritage, and also visit remote corners of the historical centre, where you don’t want to go by foot.

This sightseeing tour can be extended by visiting the Central Market, which is the one of largest markets in Europe. You can purchase and taste local products and delicacies here.

In addition, you can also get acquainted with the wooden architecture of the island of Kipsala, where historical houses are adjacent to new ones, thus creating a harmonious integrity. One of the best panoramic views of Old Riga’s spires opens from here.

If desired, the sightseeing tour can be supplemented with a more "closer" acquaintance with masterpieces of the Art Nouveau style. Alberta Street is a sort of casket, where all the most famous Riga Art Nouveau style "jewels" are stored. Each building here uses the language of symbols to tell us a unique story about itself and inhabitants.

Detailed descriptions of these and other tourist attractions in Riga could be found below.