Walking Tour
Duration: ~ 2,5 h
List of sights:
  • Albert Square
  • Reformers’ Church
  • Merchant Reitern's house
  • St.John’s Church
  • Convent Courtyard
  • St.Peter’s Church
  • Town Hall Square
  • House of Blackheads
  • Jauniela Str.
  • Riga Dome Cathedral
  • "Three Brothers"
  • St.Jacob’s Church
  • Executioner’s house
  • Swedish Gate
  • Powder Tower
  • Great and Small Guilds
  • Livs Square

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Old Riga is a heart of the city. The history of the city has begun on the site of Old Riga in 13th century and all major historical events also took place here. Nowadays Old Riga doesn't lose any of its popularity neither among tourists nor locals, who love to wander through curved narrow streets of the old town.

Today Old Riga is a kind an open-air museum, where everything breaths the history. Every street, every portal and decoration on a façade, every cobblestone of paving could tell an amazing story about people, who had walked through these streets, about times of prosperity and decline, about mysteries, that are keeping old walls and cellars of buildings.

During the tour you will see all major sights of Old Riga, listen to many legends and enjoy the unique ambience, which reigns on streets of the old town.

The old town of Riga is not a big one; however you will need at least two hours in order to walk it around completely. It is recommended to take a walk without any hurry when you visiting the old town. That’s why we do not have any time limits that could be applied onto this tour – everything is dependent on your wishes. Our guides won’t mind, if you would like to make a short break to enjoy a cup of flavored coffee in some cozy café or rest on a bench while listening to a performance of street musicians.

It is possible to extend the Old Riga walking tour by visiting an organ concert in the Riga Dome Cathedral. The organ of the Dom Church is known far beyond Latvia and it has long become an inalienable symbol of the city like the cathedral itself. After the concert you will see the interior of the church, its wonderful stained glass windows and you will go through the Cross Gallery, which is the only in Baltics.

Detailed descriptions of these and other tourist attractions in Old Riga could be found below.