During the trip you will see a unique archaeological site of the Viking Age – the wooden castle on the island in Araiši, as well as visit the complex of the Cesis Medieval Castle and walk along the streets of the old town of Cesis.

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Excursion from Riga by car or bus
Duration: 10 h
Distance: 180 km (see the map)
List of sights:
  • Archaeological Park of Āraiši Lake Castle
  • Cesis Medieval Castle Complex
  • Historical Center of Cesis
  • Nature Park “Svētavots”

Cesis is one of the oldest towns in the Baltic States, it is a witness to the most important historical events of history of Latvia. The town and surroundings are attracting by a variety of natural monuments, as well as historical and cultural heritage.

The first sight that we will visit will be the Archaeological Park of Āraiši Lake Castle – a unique place created to tell a story in images. Here you can see the reconstructions of houses of ancient people and learn how the development of technology changed their way of life. The main object of the archaeological park is the wooden castle located on the island. It is the only such archaeological site in Northern Europe and it tells about the indigenous inhabitants of the territory of modern Latvia during the Viking Age.

After visiting the Lake Castle, we will go to Cesis, where after lunch we will continue our acquaintance with the town and its landmarks.

The main dominant and symbol of the town is the Cesis Medieval Castle. During the tour, you will visit the ruins of the castle and learn about its tragic history. You will also visit the New Castle of Cesis, the former residence of the family of Counts Sievers, where you will see the museum exposition and climb the tower of the New Castle, from where you can see the wide surroundings of the town.

Continuing the excursion, we will walk through the castle park and walk along the ancient winding streets of the old town of Cesis, where time seems to have stopped.

Another object that we will visit in Cesis is the Nature Park “Svētavots” (“Holy Spring”). The park got its name thanks to a spring that comes from a natural cave, and which has been considered healing since ancient times. You will have the opportunity not only to admire the well-groomed park, but also to experience the healing features of the spring.

Return to Riga.

The day trip to Cesis can be supplemented by a visit to the Nature Park “Ieriķu dzirnavas” (Ieriku Mills) with waterfalls and bubbling springs. In winter, on weekends, light installations are lit up for visitors to the park, creating a unique atmosphere of the "Park of Light".

  • Entrance tickets to the Nature Park “Ieriķu dzirnavas” – 3 €
  • Entrance tickets to the “Park of Light” – 3,5 €