During the day trip you will get acquainted with the historical heritage of the port city of Liepaja, visit the once closed territory – Karosta, and also take a promenade along the Liepaja beach, which is famous for its fine white sand.

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Excursion from Riga by car or bus
Duration: 12 h
Distance: 460 km (see the map)
List of sights:
  • Northern Forts
  • Karosta Prison
  • St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral
  • Historical center of Liepaja
  • Seaside Park

Liepaja is the third largest city in Latvia, an ice-free port on the Baltic Sea eastern shore. During the time of the Duchy of Courland, Liepaja was one of the main ports of the Duchy, from where the expeditions that founded overseas colonies departed, and during the time of the Russian Empire, the city became a significant naval base of the Baltic Fleet.

We will start our acquaintance with Liepaja with a visit to the former military port – Karosta. We will see the architecture of the times of Tsarist Russia, admire the majestic Orthodox Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas, see the Northern forts and take a part in an excursion to the only garrison prison in Europe which is open to tourists.

After the excursion, you can take a lunch break.

Next, we will go to the city center of Liepaja to get acquainted with its main sights during a walking tour.

Then we will make a stroll along the Seaside park and the wide Blue Flag beach, which is the pride of Liepaja.

Return to Riga.

The walking tour in Liepaja can be complemented with a visit to the Holy Trinity Cathedral, hosting the largest original mechanical musical organ in the world.

  • Church visit – 1 €
  • Visiting the observation deck on the tower of the church – 3 €
  • Presentation of the organ – 40 € (per group)