During the walking tour you will get acquainted with the main sights of Old Riga, as well as walk along Riga boulevards and parks that replaced the city fortifications. We will talk about the architects who contributed to the image of today's Riga, about the famous townspeople of those times, as well as about the Jugendstil, known as Modern Style and Art Nouveau. You can see all the interesting and original buildings of the early 20th century and make sure that Riga is called the metropolis of Art Nouveau by right.

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Old Riga

Excursion by foot
Duration: 5 h
Distance: 6 km (see the map)
List of sights:
  • Old Riga landmarks
  • Bastion Hill
  • Park of the Riga City Canal
  • National Opera
  • University of Latvia
  • Freedom Monument
  • Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ
  • Academy of Arts
  • National Museum of Art
  • Elizabetes Str.
  • Alberta Str.
  • Kronvalda Park
  • National Theater

There are a lot of sights in Riga, for the sake of which it is worth staying here for a day or two. First of all, Old Riga is the oldest part of the modern city, where legends still live on narrow cobbled streets, where history is in the air, creating a unique aura. Actually by taking the Old Riga Walking Tour we will begin our acquaintance with Riga.

After the Old Riga walking tour you can take a lunch break.

Next, we will have a walk along the Riga Boulevard Ring. This elegant element of urban planning inherent in only cities with a rich historical and cultural heritage. Riga boulevards and parks surround Old Riga with a green circle, forming a free space in the very center of the capital, perfect for leisurely walks. In addition to parks and squares, there are many interesting buildings built in the style of historicism – theaters, museums, revenue houses and mansions.

Taking a stroll along the boulevards, we will reach the Jugendstil quarter, where we will get acquainted with the work of the three most famous Riga architects and see their main architectural masterpieces.

The Riga historical center walking tour can be supplemented with a visit to the Riga Art Nouveau Museum, whose expositions and collections tell about the manifestations of this style in architecture and applied arts.

  • Entrance ticket to the Riga Art Nouveau Museum – 5 €

The Riga historical center walking tour can be complemented by a visit to the Latvian National Opera, where, during the 50-minute tour, you will have the opportunity to peek behind the scenes and learn a lot about the theater life of Riga.

  • Tour of the Latvian National Opera and Ballet – 10 €

The Riga historical center walking tour can be complemented by a 1-hour boat trip along the Riga City Canal and the Daugava River. Parks and the silhouette of the old town of Riga are looking completely different when admire from the water.

  • Boat trip – 18 €