During the trip you will see the most impressive natural monuments of Latvia – rocks and cliffs, scarps and holes, grottoes and caves. You will discover Latvia from unusual side, which possibly was not known before.

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Excursion from Riga by car or bus
Duration: 11 h
Distance: 270 km (see the map)
List of sights:
  • Ķūķu Cliffs
  • Zvartes Rock
  • Līču-Laņģu Cliffs
  • ”Devil's Oven”
  • Eagle Cliffs
  • Blacksmith’s Cave
  • Sietiniezis Rock

The Gauja National Park is the oldest and largest nature conservation complex in Latvia. It got its name in honor of the Gauja River, the preservation of the ancient valley of which was the primary reason for the creation of the park. The river bears the title of the most picturesque river in Latvia, it forms many bends, has rapids, and outcrops can be seen along the banks of the river.

We will begin our acquaintance with the natural wealth of the national park with a visit to the impressive Ķūķu Cliffs and the Zvartes Rock, one of the most picturesque and famous cliffs in Latvia. The most famous view of the rock opens from a 40-meter scarp, to which a wooden staircase leads.

Next, we will go to the locality of Lode, where the longest walk (approx. 7 km) and the Līču-Laņģu complex of cliffs will await us. There are about 20 springs at the foot of the Līču-Laņģu Cliffs that impact resulted into formation of various caves and niches of different sizes and lengths.

After visiting the Līču-Laņģu Cliffs, we will admire the “Devil's Oven” – a complex of outcrops of white sandstone with the only sandy arcade in Latvia.

After lunch we will continue our acquaintance with the most majestic cliffs of Latvia and visit Eagle Cliffs – one of the longest monolithic sandstone walls in Latvia.

At the end of the day trip, you will also see the Sietiniezis Rock – one of the highest outcrops of white sandstone in Latvia.

Return to Riga.

In the summer season, the excursion can be supplemented with a visit to the Vējiņi Underground Lakes.

  • Entrance ticket – 3 €