During the day trip you will admire the genuine beauty of the Kemeri National Park, walk along the boardwalk among bogs and floodplain forests, find healing mineral springs, walk along the barefoot health trail and admire the historical architecture of the Kemeri resort.

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Excursion from Riga by car or bus
Duration: 8 h
Distance: 140 km (see the map)
List of sights:
  • Great Ķemeri bog boardwalk
  • Barefoot trail “Valguma World”
  • Reed Trail of Lake Kaņieris
  • Historical architecture of Kemeri

Kemeri National Park is the third largest national park in Latvia. The national park could boast not only of biological diversity, but also sulfur-containing mineral springs (more than 30 springs in the vicinity of Kemeri), and deposits of medicinal mud.

We will begin our acquaintance with the national park with a visit to the Great Kemeri bog, where there is a wooden boardwalk (3.5 km), along which you can safely move and admire the beautiful landscapes.

Next, we will go to the “Valguma World“ (“Valguma Pasaule”), where you will find a “barefoot trail” – the most popular nature trail in Latvia (2.6 km), which has different surfaces that you need to walk barefoot (visitors in shoes are not allowed on the trail !!!) . As you might know, there are zones of projection of many internal organs on our feet, acting on which, you can improve your well-being. The trail was created in accordance with the best developments of Austrian, German and Swiss specialists in the area of acupuncture.

After having lunch and resting after the foot massage, we will go to the “reed trail” – one of the most unusual and popular nature trails in Latvia (1 km). The trail passes through the shallow waters of Lake Kanieris overgrown with reeds, the height of the reeds in some places exceeds human height, so everyone can imagine how birds live in the reeds.

Next, we will visit the historical center of the resort Kemeri, which dates back to the 18th century, and where patients came from all over Europe to appreciate the healing features of mud baths and hydrogen sulfide springs.

Return to Riga.

In addition to the excursion, you can order a tasting of smoked fish prepared in a traditional way.

  • Smoked fish and beer tasting