During the walking and bus tour you will get acquainted with the sights of Old Riga, as well as drive along the Riga Boulevard Ring, see the masterpieces of the Riga Jugendstil (as the Modern Style or Art Nouveau is called in Riga), admire the panorama of the old city from the opposite bank of the Daugava River and get to know wooden buildings of the former suburbs. This is a great chance to visit remote corners of the historical center, that are hard accessible by foot or there is no time to walk there.

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Excursion by foot and by car or bus
Duration: 8 h
РDistance: 20 km (see the map)
List of sights:
  • Old Riga landmarks
  • Riga Central Station
  • Academy of Sciences
  • Red Warehouses district
  • Central Market
  • National Library
  • Victory Park
  • Āgenskalns Market
  • Kalnciema Quarter
  • ”Sun Stone”
  • Island Ķīpsala
  • National Theater
  • Bastion Hill
  • National Opera
  • Vērmanes Garden
  • Academy of Arts
  • Kronvalda Park
  • Viestura Garden
  • Riga Art Nouveau Quarter
  • National Museum of Art
  • Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ
  • Freedom Monument
  • University of Latvia

We will start our acquaintance with Riga from the pedestrian part – the Old Riga Walking Tour. Old Riga is a site where legends still live in the narrow cobbled streets, and the history is in the air, creating a unique aura.

After the Old Riga walking tour you can take a lunch break.

Next, we will have a sightseeing tour of Riga by car or bus with short stops and exits. You will see the Riga Boulevard Ring with its parks and buildings in the historicism style, as well as visit the Riga Art Nouveau district, where you will get acquainted with the works of famous Riga architects, whose creations have long become the hallmark of Riga.

We will also visit the Moscow suburb, where Russian merchants once lived, and where the Riga Central Market is now located, which bears the title of one of the largest covered markets in Europe.

Then we will move to the left bank of the Daugava River, where the so-called. Wooden Riga, and from where a stunning panorama of the steeples of the old town opens up.

The tour can be supplemented with a visit to the Central Market. Here you can both purchase and taste local products and delicacies.

  • Tasting of local delicacies – 10 €

The Sightseeing tour of Riga can be supplemented with a visit to the observation deck of the Academy of Sciences. This is the only observation deck in the city from where you can see the old city and the surrounding areas.

  • Entrance ticket to the observation deck of the Academy of Sciences – 5 €